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HEAL SWIM TEAM welcomes all swimmers with competitive aspirations. Interested participants need to be able to complete a single length of the pool unassisted. All swimmers between the age of 7-18 are welcome.

New Team Swimmers

Annual dues for HEAL are $2300.00 per swimmer for the 2023 – 2024 swim season. We will also offer a $3400.00 sibling rate as well, with an additional $800 per additional sibling. This includes $50 that will be applied to the swimmer’s escrow account.  The swim season will begin in September 2023 and run through May 2024. Due to the high demand, there will be a cap of 45 swimmers this season.

The registration fee includes the required team swimsuit and swim cap. The registration fee(s) also include practices, strength conditioning, and additional costs associated with running the program. If you are interested in registering, contact Coach Crosby: Refunds will not be issued once team suits are ordered

NOTE: The aforementioned swimmer's escrow will be used to cover meet entry fees. As each individual account depletes, the individual (parent and/or guardian) is responsible for replenishing the account.

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